In the beginning

In 2013 Sam Kovic decided to jump in head first and take his love for the art of defense to a higher level. Zenergy Metal Works, LLC was founded and Castille Armory was brought to life.

With a degree in mechanical and manufacturing engineering Sam has a great deal of experience in metallurgy. This has helped him gain a deep understanding of mechanical techniques applied in building and manufacturing high quality swords. Sam has been building hilts and other combat equipment in any space that would have him, his equipment and his mess since the early 90’s: anywhere from his friends garages to his own basement. Castille Armory officially became a business in October of 2013 in a leased 2000 sq ft shop in the small industrial city of Central Point. In early 2014 Castille Armory underwent a move to a larger shop in Medford, where the magic is currently happening.  In the summer of 2016 we moved the metal operations into a second space right next door!

While building quality swords has its roots in metallurgy and cold hard manufacturing techniques, there is a certain artistic quality that sets Castille Armory apart. Nearly every product that is made at the shop on Gilman Road has some sort of personal aspect: a special finish, a personal image etched, pierced or chiseled per customer’s request or a unique wrapped handle. There is practically no detail that is impossible. If you can imagine it and sketch it on a napkin, we can build it, and at a reasonable price.

Since 2013, Castille Armory has entered the international arena and orders have surpassed the output of a hobby shop. Sam has had to pass on his knowledge and techniques to his crew, a band of talented individuals that share the deep love for all things swords. This personal passion keeps Castille Armory moving forward. Because quality and attention to detail are everything in a niche’ market, everyone that works at Castille Armory sword fights. Mostly because we love to, but it’s that hands-on approach that means we designed your sword as if it were our own. If it’s not good enough for us to use in tournament, it’s not good enough for you.

When Sam is not hand crafting custom swords, he spends most of his time teaching and purveying the arts of defense in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), his WMA (Western Martial Arts) workshops and at Southern Oregon University in WMA clubs. Sam is somewhat of a renaissance man in that he plays guitar professionally, operates an audio/video studio, makes wine, paints and dabbles in video production.

Within the SCA, Sam is known as Master Armand de Castille and has earned many awards including induction into the Order of Defence, the highest award for excellence for the study and use of the sword. Sam has won numerous tournaments including four Kingdom Championships and two Principality Championships.

The Crew-


Sam Kovic-Owner/President

Li Burditt-Operations Manager

Mark Howland-Shop Supervisor/Customs

Tyler Hansen-Master Bladesmith

David “Kirk” Kirkland-Production Machinist/Machine Operator

David Lomsky-Production/Multi Talented Mr Fix-it

4 Responses

  1. Galen of Bristol

    What rapier do you recommend for a 15-year-old youth fighter? What’s the best bargain you offer?

    • Hi Sam @ castille here. We offer a youth version rapier from time to time. It is a scaled down version of our complete clamshell rapier with a 36″ blade. it is much lighter and more forgiving to small hands. it retails for $189.00 complete.

  2. Eric Leedy (Tristan Coeur de Lyon)

    Sam, Greetings.
    This is Eric Leedy a.k.a. Tristan Coeur de Lyon,
    A few years back I had you make 4 Custom Quillions for me. I was wondering if you might still have the Technical Drawing that I sent you?
    If so I will need 2 more of them made.
    My Problem started when I bought a set, damascus rapier & Maine gauche, from a fellow in Mid-East. The Full/Rat-tail tang was too large to fit the quillion/cross guard and handles that you/I had made. I know a machinist who said he could fix the tangs of both blades. Unfortunately he did not do what I needed him to do. So now My handles fit the Damascus blades but not the fencing blades.

    • Hi Eric, I just saw your website inquery, I will look and see if I still have the images. Otherwise if you send the parts to me I can make them all fit. 🙂

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