1822 British Light Artillery Sabre


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We designed these sabres to be the most accurate training/tournament cavalry sabres available on the market today. We utilized extensive research of extant British examples, accurate guard flat patterns, blade profiles, grip modeling and other specific qualities to bring these tournament grade simulators to life like never before. This sabre features an elegant “3 Bar” style guard made from 100 grade Domex alloy steel that is a near exact copy to the original British 1822 light pattern troopers sabre in terms of overall dimension and weight. These “3 Bar” type guards were very popular and quite common across Europe. It is not clear who coined the design but ours is true to the British cavalry models. Our 23mm curved blade is an exact blunted replica both in dimension (32.75″ long) and weight of the British light artillery “Trooper” blades that were introduced in 1821 along side the heavy model. The 23mm blade is hand ground from hardened 5160 Chrome/Vanadium steel with a “Y” type cross section also known as “hollow ground”. This cross section replicates the flex and handling of the “pipe back” profiles used on the originals. This blade comes with a swelled tip that measures 1/2″ wide and swells to no less than 5mm. The grip is an accurate 3D printed model of the grip section on the antique 1822 Wilkinson sabre that we were fortunate enough to get to study here at our facility. We tie it together with our exclusive back cap system that leaves almost no exposed nut.



  • Total weight – 1 lb. 10 oz. (750 Grams)
  • 23mm blade
  • Spatulated tip.
  • P.O.B. – 5.12″ (13 cm) from the front of the guard.
  • Grip length – 5″.
  • Guard is 100 grade Domex steel.
  • C&T and HEMA Flex (F4)- High stiffness, compliant to SCA Cut & Thrust and HEMA calibration. .5″ – .75″ drop @ 6 oz. (170 gr). Recommended for SCA Cut & Thrust and HEMA armored combat only.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 35 x 4 x 6 in


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