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25mm Heavy Trooper Blade


Allow 5 to 6 weeks to ship.

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    Overall tang length needed (from blade shoulder to tip of threads).

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    Will this blade be used primarily for SCA or HEMA combat?

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25mm Heavy Trooper Blade

Our 25mm pattern heavy trooper blade is modeled to near exact specifications of the British 1821 pattern heavy cavalry blade. We chose this curved variant of “pipe back” blade over the straighter version of the same era for a couple reasons, first, it follows a common depth of curve that is almost exact to Radaelli’s specified curve- coincidence? This means that our manufacturing techniques would not need to differ greatly when producing our 16mm and 20mm dueling sabre blades. 2. I love the way they handle and how they look even more. The total length of this blade is 35″, 88.8 cm. This blade has a 3mm rolled edge, “Y” or “hollow-ground” cross section and a swelled tip that measures 1/2″, 13mm long by .2″ , 5mm wide. The center of flex is centered in the tip third of the blade and the threads are of grade 8 M6 x 1.25.


C&T and HEMA Flex (F4)- High stiffness, compliant to SCA Cut & Thrust and HEMA calibration. .5″ – .75″ drop @ 6 oz. (170 gr). Recommended for SCA Cut & Thrust and HEMA armored combat only.







Other specifics include:

  • 3mm rolled edges that require little to no burr maintenance.
  • 6″ total length 1/4″ thick x 5/8″ wide tang with M6 x 1.25 thread.
  • Polished finish.
  • Rubber tip sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 42 x 2 x 2 in


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