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Elite Rapier Blade


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  • Measured from tang shoulder to blade tip.

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    Overall tang length needed (from blade shoulder to tip of threads).

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    Specify the overall tang length from blade shoulder to tip of threads.

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    Will this blade be used primarily for SCA or HEMA combat?

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    For HEMA combat we recommend F3 flex.

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    For SCA combat we recommend F2 or F3 flex.

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    These blades are only offered with M6 threading.

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Elite Rapier Blades

Our Elite Rapier Blades have features specifically designed to keep them lighter than traditional rapier blades without compromising flex and rigidity. This is our lightest blade and possibly the lightest blade on the market (at equivalent length). It is our narrowest profile blade being just over 5/8” wide at the forte and ¼” wide at the tip. It features 19 careful pierces to remove weight from the forte and a shallow fuller that runs the length of the pierces. At the end of the forte the blade shifts from an octangular cross section to a diamond distal taper with a steep, high spine. The unique tall spine on this narrow blade provides flex stiffness up to F3 standard. These features make for the lightest, most nimble, and responsive blade available.

This blade is available in lengths from 35” to 45” (on a rapier, this measurement would include the ricasso section), and at 45” with F2 flex this blade is a mere 11 ounces.


We offer these blades with 2 levels of flex stiffness catering to your desired combat discipline: (F2) SCA Standard Rapier Flex & (F3) Crossover Rapier/C&T and HEMA Flex

SCA Standard Rapier Flex (F2)- Medium stiffness, compliant to SCA Rapier calibration. 1.5″ – 2″ drop @ 6 oz. (170 gr.). Recommended flex for SCA, WMA and HEMA Rapier armored combat. 

Crossover SCA Rapier/C&T and HEMA Flex (F3)- Medium heavy stiffness, compliant to SCA Rapier and Cut & Thrust calibration. 1″ – 1.5″ drop @ 6 oz. (170 gr.). Recommended flex for SCA Rapier and Cut & Thrust dual duty, WMA and HEMA armored combat. 

Finally, we offer two tip types: Normal Tip (NT) (+$0.00), the standard rounded tip that accepts a rubber blunt and Spatulated Tip (ST) (+$10.00), a swelled and rounded tip that offers tip width of no less than 5mm.


Normal tip-








Spatulated tip-








Be sure to choose your length, flex and tip options when ordering. If not specified, a flex weight of 2 and normal tip will be assumed.

Other specifics include:

  • 2mm rolled edges that require little to no burr maintenance.
  • Basic bright finish.
  • Rubber tip sold separately.

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 2 x 2 in


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