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The rainy Pennsic war field can wreak havoc on your finely tuned instruments of defense.  The following is a quick step by step guide on how to use your Castille maintenance kit to keep your investments happy, protected and looking like the day you spent your rent money on them. Seriously, we wanted to put together all of the tools needed to keep your Castille swords protected and in perfect working order, in one affordable, reasonably sized package. Here’s what you get:


HEAVY DUTY NITRILE GLOVES (1 pair): Complimentary pair of gloves to offer protection against splinters and to keep your hands clean.

6” FILE WITH HANDLE (1 each): Tap file into the hole in the PLA handle. Use to remove blade and guard burs.

SANDING PAD (1 each): Great for rust removal and small blemishes. 80 and 120 grit sides.

SCOTCHBRITE (5 EACH, 2”x3”): Great for blade polishing and rust removal.  Best if used after parts are filed and burs are removed.

NATURAL TOWEL (1 each): Great for oiling your sword and wiping it down.

SPECIALLY FORMULATED SWORD OIL (1 fl oz in bottle): Use on clean or freshly polished steel to prevent rust.

RUBBER BLUNT (1 each): Rubber replacement tip.

BLUE TIP TAPE (1 jumbo size roll): High strength tape for adhering the tip to the sword.

SCISSORS (1 pair): Handy for cutting tape or whatever else you might need it for on the field.

LEATHER WASHERS (1 pair): Use between the pommel and the grip for shock absorption and to keep the pommel from loosening up with use.


****NOTE**** Our oil bottle has a 2 fluid ounce capacity so it will appear half full but we assure you there is 1 fluid ounce in the bottle. It’s the smallest bottle we could find.



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