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Mark V Feder Blade


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    Overall tang length needed (from blade shoulder to tip of threads).

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    Specify the overall tang length from blade shoulder to tip of threads.

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    Will this blade be used primarily for SCA or HEMA combat?

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    For SCA combat we offer this blade in F3 and F4 flex.

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    For HEMA combat we recommend F4 flex.

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Mark V Feder Blade

Our Mark V Feder Blade is our flagship model HEMA tourney grade blade. It features a hand ground flat taper that is 2″ wide at the schilt and .5″ at the tip. The schilt is a historically documented wide shoulder at the forte of the blade that aids in binds and keeps the opponent’s blade farther from your hands in a tight bind. Our blades are made from high quality 5160 spring steel bar stock tempered to the optimal point where maximum toughness & durability meets hardness, 50 Rockwell C. These blades have a bright finish and the flex is centered in the tip third of the blade. The Mark V Feder Blade is our finest blade meant specifically for SCA HEMA, C&T and WMA long sword sparring and tourney grade combat.

These blades are offered in a blade lengths of 38″ measured from the tang shoulder to the tip. We offer these blades with grade 8, M8x1.25 thread.

We also offer these blades with 2 levels of flex stiffness catering to your desired combat discipline: Crossover SCA Rapier/C&T and HEMA Flex (F3) & C&T and HEMA Flex (F4)

Crossover SCA Rapier/C&T and HEMA Flex (F3)- Medium heavy stiffness, compliant to SCA Rapier and Cut & Thrust calibration. 1″ – 1.5″ drop @ 6 oz. (170 gr). Recommended flex for SCA Rapier and Cut & Thrust dual duty, WMA and HEMA armored combat.

C&T and HEMA Flex (F4)- High stiffness, compliant to SCA Cut & Thrust and HEMA calibration. .5″ – .75″ drop @ 6 oz. (170 gr). Recommended for SCA Cut & Thrust and HEMA armored combat only.


Be sure to choose your  flex options when ordering. If not specified, a flex weight of (F4) will be assumed. This blade has a tang length that is variable to fit your needs, please leave us a note in the checkout page “notes” box specifically telling us the OVERALL tang length required INCLUDING thread. 

Other specifics include:

  • 5mm rolled edges that require little to no burr maintenance.
  • 1/4″ thick x 5/8″ wide tang with grade 8 M8 x 1.25 thread, length made to order.
  • Polished finish.
  • Rubber tip sold separately.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 52 x 2 x 2 in


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