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RBG Complete Band


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Our pre-made bands are made from 5/16″ surgical tubing and are the perfect size for our RBG models.


Here is a tutorial on how to make your own bands. Surgical tubing can be purchased at most hardware or outdoor stores that offer fishing tackle.

What you will need is an 8″ length of surgical tubing, a roll of electrical tape, a large zip-tie and some scissors.


Step 1: Cut your surgical tubing to 8″ relaxed.








Step 2: Overlap the surgical tubing 1″ from end to end through the zip-tie and pull it down as tight as you can with the zip-tie block on the inside of the loop. You may need pliers to help pull it to maximum tightness.









Step 3. Wrap the ends of the surgical tubing and the zip-tie in a few layers of electrical tape. Be sure to wrap tape over the ends a little. This helps suck it all in tight when you apply the next step.








Step 4: Stretch the band to about 12″ and let the stretched band pull in the taped area when the stretched band is released. If the ends of the band slip through the zip-tie, you will need to get it clamped down tighter: try it again with more pull on the zip-tie. If everything works right you will have a nice tight, squished-up taped area on the band. This is the area that you will load into the barrel slot on the pistol.









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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x .25 in


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