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Castille Armory

956 Gilman Rd.
Medford, Oregon 97504
Phone 541.500.8090
Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. PST


12 Responses

  1. Jarred Ray

    I am inquiring about the rapiers. Do they still have the ability to be unscrewed to clean and change blades/hilts/handles/pommels. I have spoken to the person who leads the classes that I attend and he has a sword from Castille that screws apart. If they do, are they still standard or would they be a custom make.

  2. Hello, I’m trying to order some of your products but on the address page there is no option for Australia do you mail to Australia, thank you Jim

  3. Emmett Coogler

    Hi I’m looking to purchase a fairly decent order from you. I study fiore. Although I like the double ring feder you sale. Could you put a twist on the quillon’s and a fuller line I know it my make it weaker aesthetically it looks awesome, also can make the sword 55inches or 140 cm from pummel to tip I’m 511″ and that comes to right under my arm pit thanks love your work I’ll be ordering soon when will you be working on batch so I can get in ?

  4. Is it possible to use your sides words with the new Kooning gloves? Or would it be possible to adjust the guard to do so? I am just concerned that it may be too tight…thx!

  5. Hi, i was looking to get a 41″ rapier with the italian side sword hilt and rosewood grip. For the pommel i would like the hawk head pommel. I was just wondering if you could package it together for me since i dont know how long the grip should be.

  6. Hi

    is shipping to Belarus, Minsk, 220017 possible ?
    it will probably require to disassemble the rapier

  7. Laurel Pollock

    I am interested in purchasing a left-handed adult beginner foil, breast protectors, and gloves. Do you carry basic equipment? If not, please tell me where I should go to order them for the Dorchester Fencing Club. Thank you.

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