Current production times

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Hey guys, we have some big (and great) changes coming to our business that will get us out of our backlog but it is bringing some challenges as we transition. Some of you may have heard that we are installing a new water-jet machine! While this is true, a brand new high capacity machine, sadly it is not up and running yet and the install process has taken much longer than anticipated. To make matters worse our outside water-jet vendor is down and has been for nearly two weeks. At this time we hope to have parts rolling back through the shop as of early next week and we can promise you when the parts hit our door, we will be working overtime to get your order out the door as fast as we can. We apologize for the inconvenience that these growing pains are causing but as we continue to grow and refine our production processes, we will always make our quality and customer service our number one priority. Thank you for your patience. Castille Team

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