Here at Castille Armory we do something no one else really does: we focus on customize-able swords and other weaponry suited to SCA, WMA, HEMA and other reenactment and historical combat groups.

If you want a sword or other item built exactly to your specifications, here is where to start.

These are some things to figure out ahead of time so we can get right down to the finer details of your custom build.


1. What form of combat or non-combat is this being built for? Rapier combat, Cut & Thrust or something different? This will help us recommend a specific blade or determine the flex requirements (if any) of a custom ground blade.

2. What basic style of sword, guard or time period are you interested in? From here we can figure out what customization options are available.

3. What length of blade or total length of sword are you looking for? This will help us determine pommel options for your desired balance. *Balance is normally determined by the point at which the sword will physically balance and where its fulcrum is in relation to the front of the guard or quillions.

4. If you have any specific imagery or writing you would like incorporated into your custom, gather together any pictures or links to specific swords and email those to the link provided below. We are always happy to have the artistic impression left up to us but prefer to get you exactly what you see in your head.



We use a mixture of pierce work, chiseling, etching and colorization to achieve the unique pieces you may see in our Facebook online gallery.

Let us know what you are looking for regarding your own custom by sending your pictures and specifications to


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  1. Charles Kellogg

    I am interested in an early to mid 16th century Italian spadone for SCA cut and thrust combat. Marozzo shows a simple cross hilt, but a portrait of Giganti shows him with a spadone with a single side ring. I’ve also seen modern swords with double side rings labled spadones, but can’t in the short term document them.

  2. Do you ship to Australia because it is not in the options when you go to checkout?

  3. Is it possible to adjust the guard in order to fit the new Kooning glove?

  4. Emmett Coogler

    Never mind I got my answer customs page.

  5. Hi Peta here again, I guess the quillions that I would like on the complete clamshell would look like those on the single ring dagger, cheers.

  6. Laurel Pollock


    I am looking for some basic beginner equipment for the Dorchester Fencing Club. Specifically: I need breast protectors, gloves, and a left-handed beginner’s foil for foil fencing – nothing fancy to start!

  7. Would it be possible to get a Marozzo-inspired spadone and/or a Meyer rappier?

  8. Alan Gideon

    What steel is your Mark 5 Feder made of?

    • Per the website description, the blade and cross are made of 5160 CrV heat treated to a rockwell C of 50. the grip is T6061 aluminum with a covering of Line-X brand coating and the pommel is 12L14 machine steel.

  9. Hello, my girlfriend has a Chinese persona, and I was wondering what you would recommend for Frankensteining up a jian. I was thinking a dual purpose rapier and C/T blade would work, but I don’t know where to get the appropriate guard and pommels for a jian. Would your armory consider making jian guards and pommels, or perhaps whole jians? Additionally, does your armory produce sai’s to be paired with jians, or would that need to be Frankensteined as well? I don’t need the two all that soon, but I would like to know so I can plan for a future gift.

    • Hi William, we have made jian’s before. we used a blade specific to the historical references. For this case, I would say that it would be more of a custom order. I think our basic dagger blade would work great for a Sai. To get these figured out and built to your spec, email our custom shop guy, the talented Mark Howland at

  10. Tony Ford

    Hello, I am interested in getting a cutlass, similar to the 1845 royal navy pattern, for use in HEMA tournaments. I think that your Messer blade combined with a honeysuckle sabre guard and 1853 grip would approximate what I have in mind. Would such a thing be possible and if so how much would it be?

  11. Christian Short

    Do you do spathas ? Gladius?

  12. Matthew Teets

    I am looking to have a sword made to represent my guardian angel Yehudiah. It would have to be made of the best steel you have maybe a modest version of Solomon’s sword with a wheel pommel with a gem aventurine set in it.

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