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  1. Robert Wrightson

    Could I have some more details on your Colichemarde blade please? I would like to know the weight, length and distal taper. Is it ground or cast? Is it triple or double section (it looks two dimensional). What type of tang does it have (screw or peen) and can it be fitted to any hilt? Have bend and break strain tests been carried out on it and what were the results?
    Thank you

    • Sam Yaskovic

      Hi Robert, the total weight on the blade itself 328g and total length is 30″from shoulder to tip. this blade has a distal taper the is a diamond cross section that starts after with widened fort area. the “shilt” widened fort area is 1″ wide and .22 thick at the guard and tapers to .8″ wide and .20 after 5.625″. The width of the blade at the start of the distal taper after the shilt is .6 and 2.0 thick at the spine. The tip is .90 thick at the spine and .27 wide and rounded. The tang is .214″ thick x .5″ from the blade shoulder and extends with this dimension for 3.75″ it tapers drastically and is threaded with m6x1 for 3.25″.

      I could not break a blade. Even in high impact collision with a 4″ steel pipe. The steel is 5160 hardened to 51 rockwell C. like my rapier and other blades my test for checking yield is simple I flex the blade and record its angle of arc to the point where it does not spring back true. i am able to get a complete 180 degree arc in this blade without reaching the yield point of the steel. This is due in part by the distal taper. In terms of flex this means that the blade can make a complete “u” with a radius of 4″ and not reach yield.

      Thank you!

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