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  1. Peta Sharrock

    Hello, sorry, I forgot my password.
    Do you send new ones?
    Thank you Peta

  2. Nathan Crocker

    Hi Can you clarify what the SCA F2 and F3 Flexiblity on standard rapier blade means. I want to make sure on my order that I selected the right one.

    • Sam Yaskovic

      Hi Nathan,
      F2 rapier flex means the blade has a 1.5″ – 2″ flex. We measure this by clamping the blade tang to a solid surface with the tang shoulder resting at the edge of the clamping surface, hanging 6 oz. of weight from the tip of the blade and using a tape measure to determine how far the blade drops. Most of our Scadian rapier fighters use F2 blades.
      F3 rapier flex means the blade has a 1″ – 1.5″ drop @ 6 oz, and is legal for both rapier and cut & thrust combat.
      If you have any further questions shoot us a call or an email.

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