**There is a 10% Restock Fee on ALL order cancellations. Because all of our parts are built to order when an order is canceled it leaves us with parts we have to try to resell. To compensate for this loss we must charge a 10% restock fee for any cancellations.**

Please direct your order related questions to info@castillearmory.com. We check our email much more regularly than our website comments, so you’ll get a quicker response if you contact us that way.

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We ship to many countries, but due to different shipping regulations we must limit the options on our website. Send us an email at info@castillearmory.com if your country isn’t listed and we’ll help you place your order.



11 Responses

  1. Norman W Kaden

    Hello my name is Norman Kaden. I live in Ipswich Queensland Australia and i would like to get some of your swords and equipment. My plan would be to get one or two items a month until I got everything i was interested in as i love your selection of blades and equipment. I was wondering if there is anyway you could ship your products to Australia. I would gladly pay for the shipping.

  2. Emmett Coogler

    Hi I’m looking to purchase a fairly decent order from you. I study fiore. Although I like the double ring feder you sale. Could you put a twist on the quillon’s and a fuller line I know it my make it weaker aesthetically it looks awesome, also can make the sword 55inches or 140 cm from pummel to tip I’m 511″ and that comes to right under my arm pit thanks love your work I’ll be ordering soon when will you be working on batch so I can get in ?

  3. Drew Givens

    My friend bought one of your federal a while back and after handling it I loved the feder. However there was durability concerns. Has this problem been relieved in your newer model?

    • Sam Yaskovic

      Yes, we have changed almost every respect of our feders regarding blade and guard hardness, grip design and even thread and pommel details.

  4. Otávio Sipoli

    Hello, I would like to know if there is any possibility to ship my order to Brazil. I would pay for the shipment.

  5. Roy Worrall

    I wish to purchase a rapier, but at the checkout, the order form does not allow me to enter ‘Australia’ as the country to which I wish you to send it.
    I am ready to pay, but unless I can complete the address form, I cannot get to do so.
    Please help

    • Sam Yaskovic

      Hi Roy, we can ship to Australia but due to their import restrictions we can’t set it up through the website. Send us an email at info@castillearmory.com with your address and what you’d like to order and we’ll get you taken care of.

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