7/27/15 Gorgets!

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Soon we will be a distributor for Erik Schmitt of Winter Tree Crafts LLC.  He makes a high quality stainless steel gorget for SCA and most HEMA and WMA groups.

New Economy Cup Hilt Rapier

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We’ve added another model to our economy line rapiers! This cup hilted rapier has been dubbed “Sherman” because it’s really built like a tank! But that’s not a good descriptor because it is just as light, responsive and well balanced … Continued

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Website updates

We have started updating the website with our new products and the 2017 versions of the old products. I regret to say that our prices have going up due to a couple of... READ MORE

Christmas order deadline!

Howdy folks, whew, we are really hoppin! Thanks to all of your love and support, we have nearly tripled our new orders coming in from this time last year. I apologize that our... READ MORE

Small gorget update

We had a crazy rush on small gorgets that completely wiped out our inventory.  Apparently it is going around as our supplier also got cleaned out of small gorgets.  We hope to receive our... READ MORE