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Hi Folks, we apologize that some of you are experiencing a long wait on your order. We have once again run our steel supplier out of steel. But we finally have steel in house and we will be shipping a … Continued

7/27/15 Gorgets!

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Soon we will be a distributor for Erik Schmitt of Winter Tree Crafts LLC.  He makes a high quality stainless steel gorget for SCA and most HEMA and WMA groups.

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Sam and Li Out of Town

Hello,   Sam and Li will be out of the office July 30th to August 8th. We’ll still be open during this time as Mark and Lauren will be running the place. Lauren... READ MORE

Pennsic orders

Hi everyone, our waterjet vendor is producing parts again and we are working overtime to catch ourselves up on your orders. If you did not already tell us your order needs to be... READ MORE


Our waterjet vendor has one machine up and running again. However, he has a huge backlog of orders, not only from us but from his other customers. Progress is being made, thanks again... READ MORE


Hi guys, Li and Sam will be out of the country Tuesday 13th-Saturday 24th. Our shop manager, Mark, will be in charge of answering phones and entering website orders. Please be kind to... READ MORE

Current production times

Hey guys, we have some big (and great) changes coming to our business that will get us out of our backlog but it is bringing some challenges as we transition. Some of you... READ MORE


Pennsic ordering guidelines and deadlines: You must state the order is for Pennsic.  Please do not assume your order will be shipped in time just because our website states a standard lead-time.  All... READ MORE