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We have started updating the website with our new products and the 2017 versions of the old products. I regret to say that our prices have going up due to a couple of factors. The first being that as we have grown and expanded our product line, our overhead has increased a great deal. The second reason is because of so many improvements to the products themselves. We have made so many improvements to the products, it is impossible to list them all here. We have redesigned nearly every product to simulate the historical examples more closely in cosmetics, weight, balance and feel. We have also made leaps and bounds, thanks to your feedback, in materials, finish technology and assembly methods. Some of the most notable improvements made regarding materials including: blade steel processing, our new Line-X coated aluminum sword grips, moving to grade 8, M8x1.25 thread (from M6) on all of our heavier blades and switching to 100 grade “Domax” steel (4 x harder than mild steel) for all of our guard parts. This also means it is that much harder to form and finish. I am dedicated to making the finest products on the market because longevity is the key. This stuff is already expensive, I want to make it last a lifetime if I can.

Check out our NEW Mark V feder! I published a Facebook video of us actually putting one of these in a vise and delivering full power strikes directly to the grip-with no more than a slight dulling of the Line-x coating!

Stay tuned for more updates. I also want to say that with tax-return season in full swing, we are working overtime to keep up with the record number of orders received, please be patient as we build up your orders.


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