Welcome to Castille Armory’s Fledgling Website!

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Hi folks, it’s finally here! There is still a ton of work to do in getting all of our products visible and accessible to you on this site. Hopefully by the end of January we will have our full line of Complete Production Swords up for you to browse. Feel free to leave feedback as we would love to know how we are doing and where we can improve!

Check out our new Economy Rapiers ($199.00) and Dagger ($159.00)! We are cranking these out as fast as possible to satisfy the demand. This holiday season proved to be very busy and we burned through stock faster than ever. A new batch is in process now so there shouldn’t be a long wait at all.

In other news, I will have a small stock pile of assorted blades and some of the economy rapiers and daggers at An tir 12th Night. The following weekend it will be time to visit my dear friends in the Midrealm (Boosh!) at Festival of the Maidens and I should have some stock with me there as well.

Finally, there will be many changes to our lineup in 2015 with the introduction of some affordable but high quality 3 weapons masks, gloves, economy c&t swords of all kinds, and much more, so check in regularly.

Thanks! and Happy Holidays,


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  1. Mark

    So happy for you , hard work and a Vision pays off , Mark A Hosteler Imdianapolis Ind, looking to acquire a few more pices of kit 😉

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