Build Your Own Italian Dueling Sabre

We designed these light Italian Dueling Sabres to be the most accurate training/tournament sabres of their kind available on the market today. We utilized extensive research of extant Italian examples, accurate guard flat patterns, blade profiles, grip modeling and other specific qualities to bring these tournament grade simulators to life like never before. We offer two guard types, two blade sizes and two grip models that you can choose to mix and match and make YOUR perfect sabre!We Know that everyone’s personal feelings on the perfect balance, weight and grip shape differ. We put together a list of our Italian dueling sabre parts to choose from so you can mix and match the perfect sabre for you.

**NOTE, these sabres accurately reflect the weight, flex and purpose of the historical examples they replicate. These sabres were light (near 750 grams), fast and quite flexible- considered to fall into our F2 flex range. They are not meant to see combat against heavier, stiffer weapons like feders, longswords or messers.**

Allow 5 to 6 weeks to ship.

  • Choose your individual parts and receive a completely assembled sword.

    *Choose Your Guard

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    • 145 $
    • 145 $

    Our 16 mm and 20 mm Italian dueling sabre blades are built to exact specifications of antique blades of the late 19th century. These specifications include exact weigh, size, flex, curve and tang dimensions. These specifications are explained in the writings of 19th century master Giuseppe Radaelli,  Masaniello Parise, and even in the Italian army regulations. These blades are made from hardened 5160 chrome-vanadium spring steel, have a 10 mm rounded tip and have a 2 mm rounded edge. Total weight on the 16 mm is 285 grams or 9.9 oz, total weight on the 20 mm is 325 grams or 11.3 oz. These blades handle exactly like their historical counterparts; they are light, quick and fairly flexible but not whippy at all.

    Click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of each image for an alternative view.

    • 160 $
    • 160 $

    We offer 2 grip styles for these sabres. Both designs are the result of over 2 years of hands on research and consultation with some of the most knowledgeable sabre collectors in the country. These grips 3D printed from black PLA and are covered with a rubberized coating that offers a sticky grip surface.

    • 45 $
    • 45 $

    As we prefer to keep our swords modular, a handy detail when it comes to swapping out parts, we designed our exclusive back cap system. This system includes a rounded and contoured cap that reacts in the hand as the "backstrap" of the originals would have but with a distinct advantage. The M6 x 1.25 recessed hex nut leaves just enough protruding from the curve of the back of the grip to get an M 10 wrench on it but not interfere with the comfort of the grip. This little feature goes a long way in terms of comfort. We designed this system to be universal throughout all of our sabre models. This provides a great deal of flexibility when building your sabre.

    • 35 $

    How many rubber safety tips do you need?

    • 0 $

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 35 x 4 x 6 in


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